Project Manager

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Job Description

The Project Manager will oversee and coordinate various projects from start to finish, ensuring that schedules and budgets are followed.


Provides leadership in initial planning stage by collaborating with clients, architects, engineers, or other involved parties; develops detailed description of jobs and materials necessary to complete project.

Schedules and coordinates projects in logical steps and budget the time necessary to meet each deadline.

Prepares and submits budget estimates and regularly communicates with client concerning budget progress and costs.

Ensures adherence to the budget and, when unexpected complications or issues arise, makes quick and necessary adjustments.

Plans, coordinates, organizes, oversees, and directs activities regarding the construction and maintenance of assigned structures, facilities, and systems.

Ensures safety standards and guidelines are followed on the jobsite and that all safety codes are met in construction.

Oversees contract negotiations, revisions, and additions and adherence by all parties.

Collaborates with clients, supervisory staff, contractors, and design professionals to discuss and resolve problems, including work procedures, complaints, and construction or design issues.

Manages and leads actions that are necessary due to delays, bad weather, or emergencies at construction sites.

Develops and maintains good working relationships with a variety of people, including owners, managers, designers, supervisors, tradespersons, and craft workers.

Performs other related duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s degree in building construction, Construction Management, Civil Engineering, or Architecture or equivalent experience

3-5 years of experience in project management within construction

Comfortable reading and understanding blueprints and drawings

Proficient in Microsoft Office and general computer software

Demonstrated knowledge of construction, engineering, and architecture principles

Ability to budget, schedule, negotiate, and control costs

High degree of familiarity with contract and subcontract documents, terms, and conditions

Excellent communication skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software.

Thorough understanding of contracts, plans, specifications, and regulations.

Ability to remain flexible and efficient in a fast-paced environment.

Ability to make intelligent and quick decisions, working well under pressure, and when faced with unexpected occurrences or delays.

Ability to effectively multitask while analyzing and solving problems.

Thorough understanding of engineering, architectural, and other construction drawings.

Ability to speak Spanish preferred.

Must be able to traverse and inspect all areas of jobsite in all types of weather; this may include walking, climbing, reaching, bending, crawling, or stretching.

Must be able to lift up to 50 pounds at a time.

May require travel.

Exposure to characteristic construction site dangers.

Must be on-call to address delays, emergencies, bad weather, and other issues at the jobsite.

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